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Supporting The Entrepreneurial Spirit In All Forms


For some of us, entrepreneurship is the only way of life we’re willing to lead.

We are the craftspeople, the artists, the shop & restaurant owners, the real estate investors.

We work hard and sacrifice for our dreams when others urge us to settle.

We master our crafts, serving our customers & clients with excellence.

At MakeMoves Design, our crafts are clean web design, engaging photography, and sharing the stories of businesses we love to work with.

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Promoting Each Client To Help Them Grow & Connect

We love seeing entrepreneurs succeed. That's why we're committed to promoting every client's business on our blog following project completion for no extra charge.


We Thrive On Clarity

We deeply understand the risks and sacrifice it takes to be an entrepreneur, and enjoy learning about different industries we work with.

Whether it's physical products, real estate, architecture or local brick & mortar businesses, we can address many common concerns such as:

• No time or staff to get a website up and running

• Dissatisfaction with your current website design

• Finding the right images and language to convey your brand's message clearly

• Anxiousness about the setup and maintenance of your website

• Getting clients & customers to find your business on the web

With clarity as a guiding principle, we always aim for the most direct and effective solutions.

In keeping with that approach, we will build or help you improve a website that presents the best version of your business to the world, and gets discovered by your potential clients, customers and followers through robust search engine optimization.





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