MakeMoves Design is built on a fierce dedication to creative expression, entrepreneurship & serving others with compassion.

  Photo courtesy of    Schneider's Family Business

Photo courtesy of Schneider's Family Business

I am Chris Pearson, a Maryland native now based in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I use my skills in web design, writing, photography, information technology and business to help entrepreneurs save time & increase revenue.

The creative life is the only one I know how to comfortably lead.

Exposed to business at an early age by my father (and strongly reinforced by my time with Karibu Books), I have always been fascinated by the hard work and great pride that entrepreneurs take in building something from nothing.

I understand that rollercoaster feeling of entrepreneurship, but more importantly how rewarding the feeling of success and positively impacting other people is.

After 13 years of serving as a US Army soldier & civilian in the IT field, I followed my instincts and abruptly returned full-time to my love for creativity & entrepreneurship.

Through MakeMoves Design & Imagery I develop strategies with new and established business owners to:

  • Save you time & frustration

  • Ensure your web presence clearly reflects your vision

  • Help you achieve your business goals

Over the course of running the business I’ve realized it’s not just the creative side I love: I still enjoy patiently helping people through technical problems–or skillfully taking the reins when they don’t have the time.

Whether it’s web design & strategy, website maintenance or photography, I’m prepared to serve your needs in the best way possible no matter where you are in the world.

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