Design inspiration is everywhere when you pay attention. I see it in cars, electronics, even the unique shapes of us as human beings. I don’t consider myself a visionary on the topic, but I’m comfortable saying I have an understanding of good design when I see it. I think we’re all capable of that.

My wife and I love great home designs–I mean we’re obsessed with it. Where other couples may curl up on the couch and watch Game of Thrones (never seen it BTW) we’ll watch videos from Houzz, Bespoke Real Estate, or the multitude of videos on old home renovations floating around the Interwebs.

Speaking of renovations, I was happy to work with Baltimore real estate agent & professional rehabber Joseph Norman recently. He needed a clean, minimalist blog showcasing a home renovation in the Butchers Hill Historic District. Once the site of Morning Edition Cafe, it will be transformed into a luxury home. Follow the blog to see how things develop!

So, last night while browsing through the YouTubes, I stumbled onto the “In Residence” series by Nowness. I’d never heard of it, but this is a happy discovery.

My wife loves the aesthetics of clean lines and a well-planned home design. I love the same, but also the thought process of architects and designers. I feel that the same thinking translates well into web design.

What vibe do you want to convey?

Your website will have a certain feel much like when walking into a home. You want to control this so it’s in line with who you are (be authentic) and the audience or clients you wish to attract.

A few examples of the direction you can take (intentional or not) are:

Feminine, masculine, or gender-neutral?

Drab or chic?

Depressing or inspirational?

Again, this is something you want to control so that you don’t confuse your target audience.

If you’re a posh wedding planner, would you want a website with a dark, rugged, masculine look? Probably not.

Make it cohesive.

A certain flow should also be achieved. In a great home design, the architect’s vision plays out like a story as you move throughout the space.

Every element has a purpose as it relates to the next room, and the designer can easily explain it. As the viewer or visitor, you know it just looks or feels right.

A website should follow the same principle. Your audience or potential clients should know who you are, what you’re about, and what value you provide to them.

Without a clean web design your audience will get confused and find a space more suitable for them.

Maintain your flow and you’ll maintain and grow your audience.

I encourage everyone to check out “In Residence” for free on the Nowness website or their YouTube channel.

Below you can view one of my favorites from the series featuring Swiss designer and entrepreneur Yves Béhar. I love the way he employs high technology invisibly throughout the cleanly designed home.

Let me know what you think in the comments!