“Today we know, you’ll be a girl.”  

Two weeks. TWO weeks. I could’ve held out, but the Mrs. is impatient, and clothing–especially cute children’s clothing is her passion.

The good part: we have a ton of clothes left from our first daughter.

The bad part: the word “sale” is so powerful that it might not even matter.

I playfully give her a hard time about it, but I don’t mind at all. Also, a very great man once told me two words that when judiciously used (read: be a man of compromise with your lady, not a pushover) serve as the key to a happy marriage: “Yes dear”.

It took a little while, but here’s the baby’s first portrait. It’s crazy how much she looks like her big sister already.

The most important news today is that everything is good. The baby is strong and very healthy which is a blessing. Through all of the nausea, fatigue, and headaches, she keeps a smile on her face. Whenever she feels especially bad, I make sure to tell her how much I love her. Her response is always a look that says: “You did this to me!” We laugh about it and enjoy the moment. Without dwelling on the past, we’re thankful every day because we know things could be different. Gratitude is key.

Links to baby clothing sites, sales, etc. can be left in the comments section…