A hyper-focused Jürgen Doberstein approaching the ring.

Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook saw me share a few photos from the boxing event in Kaiserslautern that I shot on November 18th. Even as a long-time fan of the sport, I went in with zero expectations. I surely had no clue I’d be hooked after the first few frames.

When a friend of mine invited me to the event, I’d been shooting film exclusively for a few months between a Canon AE-1 Program and Zeiss Ikon Contessa LKE rangefinder–even selling my Nikon D750 kit with heart and mind set on buying a Leica M10 whenever I decided to shoot digital again. Everything in my life became about slowing down and relying heavily on my intuition. This lead to a realization I shared in a recent Instagram post about leaving self-doubt behind and being totally open about my photography, writing or any other creative work I’m involved in.

Regardless of how modest I wanted to be, my friend kept encouraging me to shoot and share more. He got me a press pass and stuck a Canon 6D in my hands. I quickly got familiar with it (Nikon’s setup makes more sense IMO though) and went to work capturing the energy in the building.

I didn’t go in expecting to catch anything like Neil Leifer’s iconic shot of Muhammad Ali towering above Sonny Liston, but I think I came away with few decent frames for a beginner at this.

Next Stop: Frankfurt

Date: TBD

This series was shot with the Canon 6D using the 50mm f1.8 STM & 28mm f2.8 IS USM lenses.

Former Pro Boxer & Referee Uwe Lorch

Naghi Shakeri prepares a body blow against Victor Ionascu in their debut fight.

The former pro instructs the newcomer.

Victor Ionascu listens to his trainer.

Ksenija Medic’s trainer looks on.

Prisca Vicot ready for battle.

Prisca Vicot & Ksenija Medic exchange shots.

Former pro boxer Matthias Wirth.

Former pro boxer and referee Egidio Piseddu prepares Jovial Jovanovic for the match.


Joan Manuel Lique Canaveral lands a right hook.

Kaiserslautern local Michael Seitz dominates against Juri Zizer.

Jürgen Doberstein connects with Vasilij Sarbayev.

The handoff.