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Café Susann:
Full WordPress Website Redesign

Excellent coffee, and food made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients with an international flair.

Café Susann is a jewel right in the heart of downtown Kaiserslautern that needed a refreshing online presence. This great collaboration resulted in a transformation from a typical café-style site, to a custom website with the perfect style and functionality to compliment the business.

“Creativity is a combination of discipline and a childlike spirit.” – Robert Greene

WordPress Web Design + Maintenance

C. Anthony Bryant

Bilingual WordPress Web Design

Café Susann

Squarespace Web Design

William Adams Design

WordPress Landing Page

Enchanted Reflections, LLC

WordPress Web Design

Matthews Media Management

German WordPress Web Design

Coffee Latino Deutschland


Photography is truly at the heart of what I do. In my experience, great web designs and brands are either helped or hindered by the photographs. After operating under MakeMoves Photography since 2013, I felt I could no longer separate my skills and chose to combine everything under MakeMoves Design.

My style is best described as “documentary” or “photojournalistic”, meaning I never direct or interfere with people and subjects I photograph. Life is beautiful enough on its own, so I allow things to flow as I capture the story.

I produce my best work when observing people’s natural gestures and interactions with one another, so I simply act as part of the crowd while photographing weddings or other events. This puts people at ease, and allows me to capture images which are 100% unique for every client.


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