Source:  MOZ post about structuring URLs  (also a great read) Source: MOZ post about structuring URLs (also a great read)

I see this a lot during SEO audits, which turn into SEO overhauls, so I thought I’d point it out for those who may overlook it.

Many people (myself included) may want to start a blog post on their Squarespace site as soon as the idea hits. This is a good thing; record it before the idea is gone forever.

Maybe you don’t have a title yet, so you add something like: “Untitled” or words vaguely related to your topic. Not great, but not terrible.

 Not pretty.
Not pretty.

If you leave the title block blank however, Squarespace will fill the URL with a beautifully complicated string of randomness.

This is a terrible SEO oversight.

That random string says nothing about the post you just wrote about why people shouldn’t wear socks with sandals, so don’t expect Google, Bing or Yahoo! to make sense of it either.

 Navigate to  Settings--> Blogging  to change this. Navigate to Settings–> Blogging to change this.

You’d want to change it to something like: “

Also, notice there are no dates in the URL. Squarespace has the date structure on by default, and while it doesn’t necessarily hurt your search ranking, it’s easier to manage a site with an overall shorter, cleaner URL structure.

 Sweet perfection. Source:  Leica Camera USA
Sweet perfection. Source: Leica Camera USA

This also applies to products in Squarespace. If you’re selling a Leica M10 camera case for instance, you want those keywords to form the URL (/blog/leica-m10-camera-case) so you make it a little easier for the proud Leica owners to discover your product.

Lastly, if you find that you have a lot of these problem URLs on content you’ve already created, don’t go willy-nilly and change them all without proper 301 redirects!

Yes, this can be painful depending on how many are on your site, but it’s better than having a ton of freshly broken links floating around in search engine land.

And no this is not a good look. Ever.